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A collection of rambling thoughts that I hope will help me clear my head
all incidents and people commented on are fictional, I swear, thats means YOU!
this looks different...
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My knee is feeling better...I can walk around now for short distances without pain..the crutches jnel painted me up have been helpful and made me wonder if there is a market for personalized crutches....

Feeling fat and slow..first couple of days I ate great but then I had to rely on Janelle to bring me food. I've never ate so much junkfood. (In her defence I likely did ask for much of it...and whined like a little kid when I didnt get it...hehe.....but yeah BAD JUSTIN :) )

I don't quite know if with my current diet and disability that I'll hit my goal of being in the best shape of my live by June 6th...but eh...I'll try.

I start phsyio tomorrow.


Janelle and I are going to Montreal for my birthday and probably going to see Cirque du Soleil! yay for us! Should be a fun time...by a coincidence about 10 other people we know from Winnipeg/Edmonton and Vancouver are going to be there at the same time.


UHGHGHGHHGH I've totally checked out of this job...I am still getting paid but just lost all semblance of motivation. I am a *HARD* worker and this drives me nuts but I just can't feel motivated when I have the duties of a parttime admin worker with no job security. My boss and headhunter did both finally agree that it was "very likely but not 100%" that my last day would be April 30th....but I won't find that out for certain until April 19th....

So I'm planning my life around this date...if they want to extend me 2-3 weeks past that I'd be quite happy so I could be employeed up until my June vacation then bugger off for a month or two....

No EI kinda sucks...since I have no money saved...ah well fawkdumbcuntshit.


Returning my car...just doesn't make sense...I survived with a car fine for years before getting this one...the only reason I got this was because of a requirement for my last job (which never manifested itself).

There is a small possibility we will toss Jnel's parents $3k for their old 89 tercel...just for booting around.....but I think I'd like to see how this goes...Jnel lives a 30 minute walk/15 minute bike/10 minute bus drive from work so that's good and who knows what I'll be doing this summer?!


OMG...for some reason my daydreams of having a campervan have kicked into high gear..I've read dozens of websites and spent hours this week drawing out layouts and configs, I've looked at the neighbors van and am even fairly close to making an offer of sorts..>EEKKK!!!


Finally got around to paying off my corporate taxes and all that stuff and all of my traffic tickets so I'm actually relatively debt free in that sense....I do have a few upcoming bills I need to worry about;

$5576 due in corporate taxes (that is amount owing to current)
$1500 in repairs/detailing to lease return vehicle (damage to body, windsheield, doorhandle)
$200 Personal tax prep

I got about $4000 in ma bank account..if I work until the end of the month I'll make another $6000ish...so that should be able to leave me with a tiny bit in the bank after I pay off those taxes and repairs/return and the all the bills this month....

Then I need to worry about monthly costs and staying afloat;

Monthly Bills:
$333.33 Minimum monthly payment, $666.66 preferred (but will only make minimum while unemployed)
Mortgage Payments: $464.22 every 2 weeks. approx $1044.50 a month
Insurance: $20 a month
Shaw: $40 (I'll drop to lowest package and cancel Shaw phone)...might get a Shaw tv package for $10....
Utilities/Epcor: $80..this is with a bit of safety limit but still seems expensive....
Condo Fee: $245.00
Jnels Loan/RRSP contribution: $500
Our cells: $150

This brings our total minimum debt/bills each month to a whopping.....$2412.83...before we eat.....

Ouch...there could be a tiny bit of scrimping on a few of those categories but not much....we are gonna be BROKKKEEEE.

But I was reviewing my works books and noticed a discrepancy in my favour for about $10,000 and today I got agreeance that it was a mistake and confirmation they were issuing me a cheque for that amount! so....yay! I might actually end up with just a tiny bit of money to survive awhile on.

Not sure if I can afford my dream of being unemployeed for two months while I work on my campervan conversion...but we'll see what happens.
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